DISCLAIMER: This is a fanon wiki, meaning that almost all of its contents are fake and fan-made and created purely from the imaginations of its users, so please don't get tricked into thinking these articles are real. Also, no hackers, vandals and whatnot allowed!

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Hey, guys, this is Gabriel Garcia/GingoFTW again with yet another wiki. This one is dedicated to documenting my fanon projects not related to Gingo Animation and its properties (i.e. Gabriel Garza and TeenV) as well as Universal Studios animated projects. Originally, I documented this kind of stuff on my Gingo wiki (my fanon wiki which is a successor to the Geo G. wiki (formerly known as the MYCUN wiki)), but I realized it would make more sense if I moved everything unrelated to Gingo to other wikis, as this was due to the Gingo wiki admins' criticisms to my new direction for that wiki. PS: Almost everything you will see on this wiki is fake/fan-made. Don't get tricked into thinking it's real, and yes, there will be real Universal animated media pages coming to the wiki, including Illumination and DreamWorks Animation, since this is a wiki relating to Universal Studios.
--Gabriel Garcia/GingoFTW
We currently have 3,057 articles, 1,975 files and 12,104 edits as of February 21, 2019, and you can help.
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